Core Values


For close to a decade, KHRS has sustained its reputation of being a company which cherishes values such as fair play, honesty and reliability. Members of the KHRS family are determined to observe and follow the highest ethical standards required by the company and aims to win and sustain the confidence of the consumer as one of its primary objectives. This focus on ethics and integrity is not only outward looking, the daily functioning of the company encapsulates values like equal opportunity for all employees, a culture of complete meritocracy and no discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, cast and other such considerations. We believe therefore – mentioned values to be fundamental pillars of our success. We take pride in how we conduct the business by saying and doing the right thing, while consistently emboldening every one with us to the right thing at all times.


The KHRS team is sold to the idea of perfection completely. There are many manifestations of this concept; we want to deliver to the consumer outstanding quality in the shape of our manpower; we want to deliver to the stakeholders; our investors and lenders the returns and profitability. For the employees, we want them to stretch themselves and chalk out a glittering future for this company and outstanding careers for themselves. For our business partners, our vendors, customers and service providers, we want to develop long term and mutually beneficial business relationships which allow them to grow in consonance with KHRS.

At KHRS the “germ” of pursuit of excellence is fairly contagious and it inspires people at all levels to perform exceptionally.


Authority and accountability are twin concepts and we at KHRS believe in providing employees at all levels the right kind of authority which develops their decision, making skills and makes them think independently. And grow as business executives/managers, obviously with adequate controls in place so as to manage the risk in all decisions. This creates a sense of ownership in people boosting their morale as authority is delegated. Empowerment results in devolution of trust and establishment of a healthy working environment. Delegating responsibility, however, comes with personal responsibility. Thus, in order to ensure a result oriented and effective business environment, competent monitoring processes are practiced, where each employee takes responsibility for his/her respective decisions.


Admitting the importance of teamwork, the KHRS family passionately promotes the culture of sharing knowledge and working collectively. The concept of working in teams and with coordination comes in handy for reaping benefits from pooled talent and expertise ultimately resulting in higher productivity. A platform is provided to people where going an extra mile to accomplish team objective is a common routine. To add further value to our work practices, experienced and capable top management provides consistent counseling which enables employees to work towards a shared vision