Kumail HR Services (Pvt) Ltd is providing the valued services of Manpower supply and full support in trading, complete manufacturing, processing, production, packaging, material handling, stacking, breaking, stamping, labeling, loading unloading, shifting in national and multinational industrial concerns since last year 2003. We provide our best services to arrange highly skilled working hands for our valued clients for all levels

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Quality Policy

To provide the best resource available and prove to be the most efficient, effective and economic suppliers. Meet the requirement of all relevant legislation and regulation on environment, consumer satisfaction & safety. Promote mutual trust with customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and community. Provide necessary resources for continued improvement in quality, processes and environment.

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Unilever Pakistan
Packages Limited
ICI Polyester
Fauji Fresh & Freeze
Akzonobel Pakistan LTD
Bulleh Shah Packaging
Haleeb Foods

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The KHRS team is sold to the idea of perfection completely. There are many manifestations of this concept; we want to deliver to the consumer outstanding quality in the shape of our manpower; we want to deliver to the stakeholders; our investors and lenders the returns and profitability. For the employees, we want them to stretch themselves and chalk out a glittering future for this company and outstanding careers for themselves. For our business partners, our vendors, customers and service providers, we want to develop long term and mutually beneficial business relationships.


At KHRS, employees are encouraged to contribute consistently and positively towards a better standard of life, not merely for our customers but also for the community at large. While acknowledging the importance of profitability and generating adequate returns to the stakeholders, we have also been mindful of integrating our operations with activities that help “giving back to the community”. KHRS is conscious about being environment friendly through strict observance of energy, water and waste reduction and numerous other environment friendly practices


Admitting the importance of teamwork, the KHRS family passionately promotes the culture of sharing knowledge and working collectively. The concept of working in teams and with coordination comes in handy for reaping benefits from pooled talent and expertise ultimately resulting in higher productivity. A platform is provided to people where going an extra mile to accomplish team objective is a common routine. To add further value to our work practices, experienced and capable top management provides consistent counseling which enables employees to work towards a shared vision.

Staff Benefits


Apart from the negotiated basic salary, payable by 10th of subsequent month the employees may benefit from the following monetary entitlements


KHRS hires best resources in terms of education, training, skill and experience and principally each individual is to be responsible for his/her development. However KHRS will provide adequate training to meet company challenges.

Fatally injured Employee

This policy applies to all regular and contractual (Including daily wagers) employees of Kumail HR Services. 1-Temporary Disability 2-Permanent Disability


Leave shall not be claimed by any employee as a matter of right. The grant of it is subject to exigencies of the Company’s business. A leave application is not deemed.


All regular employees are entitled to the group life insurance both in probationary period and beyond as per following grade limits:


The Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) is provided to employees along with salary increases based on the governmental calculations of CLA. All regular employees of KHRS are eligible for yearly Cost of Living allowance

Employees Old Age Benefits

KHRS pays to the Government an amount as prescribed in the EOBI Act against every employee eligible under EOBI act and in return the concerned employee will be paid Old Age pension.

Social Security

Every person Who work under our Payole he fully used Social Security Service including Hospitalization, Medical, Injury and many more other benefits


In line with best international practices, KHRS provides hardship allowance to employees at designated work locations


Company will provide the following facilities / assistance for all children till the time his / her first child is 21 years old OR employed OR completed his / her Master degree or the deceased employees spouse marries again

Employee Provident Fund

On successful completion of Probation period, an employee becomes eligible for participation in the Employee Provident Fund Scheme for all employees.

Benefits of Disability

From the lapse of all regular leaves entitled to that employee till 12 months (1 year) period, s/he will be considered as a regular employee of the Company and will be provided


A growth in industry demand more quality worker then are already available.  Industry does not have effective means of checking reference and past performance of resulting in a sub slandered worker.
Out sourcing has globally become viable means for organization to enhance its productivity and efficiently of employees by externalizing most non-core business activity to specialized service provider firms. Our outsourcing service provides our clients and partners the opportunity to have a competitive organizational structure that optimized their internal resource allocation.
We feel pride in our Clients partner success and instead of going to prove able extra mile to relive both parties from administrative strain in audit to help faster productive, prosperous and   long-term business partner. This approach has been our strength and the main driving force behind the consistent growth of Kumail HR services Business and our reputation.
I being the CEO of Kumail HR SERVCES PVT Limited am confident that we will continue to thrive as I recognize my own passion as well as the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment of Kumail HR services team to their work and mission of making Kumail HR services one of the Pioneer Companies of Pakistan.
I hope you will take part in this exciting phase our history and Let Us Kumail HR Services your business Process.

We want to motivate our employees to achieve organizational goals and to improve our Services to maximize our output in the challenging environment of the industry.  we want to train our employees for their maximum work efficiency.

We want to ensure that all employees come to their work place safely and return to their homes safely, we want all workers and their families to be happy and at peace.
We provide all workers work safe. We want that workers perform their duties according to our code of Conduct. We appreciate good performance and provide gifts.

For the growth of a company financial management is playing key role in present days. Every company wants to utilize its capital resources at optimum level. For the good utilization of capital company needs high level of payable duration.

Out sourcing in now a day is playing key role to manage the cost of services and allow the management of the company to focus on the current related issues in spite the management of Finance and services. In outsourcing practice, company finds to defer its current cost and to utilize that capital for useful means.
I being the CEO of Kumail HR Services believes that we are providing a useful help to manage the cycle of working capital which is caused to decrease in cost of company and ultimately progress in form of increase in profits.

Mr. Saddique Achived public interest so many targets as Commissioner at Sahiwal Division. He graduated from Pakistan Air Force Academy Risalpur with distinction and served as General Duty Pilot. Later on, he joined the Civil Services of Pakistan. After completing Common Training and Specialized Training at the Civil Services Academy, Lahore, he served on various administrative posts within the country and above. He qualified Senior Management Course from National School of Public Policy (NSPP), Lahore and served as Directing Staff in the Senior Management Wing of (NSPP). He has served at senior posts of the Pakistan Administrative Services.

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