Shops & Establishment Rules

Form "A" Application From for Establishment
Form "B" Register of Establishment
Form "C" Registration Certificate of Establishment
Form "I" intimation of closed day
Form ''II" Notice of closed day
Form "III" Application for change of weekly close day
Form "IV" Register for the Employment and Remuneration
Form "V" Register for leave
Form "VI" Inspection book

Factories Rules

Form "A" Notice of occupation
Form "B" Register for Factories
Form "C" inspection book
Form ''E" Register of fees paid for the issue of duplicate certificate
Form "F" Lime washing painting or varnishing
From "F-I" Hygiene card
Form "G" Exemptions
Form "H" Humidity Register
Form "I" Particullars of Room
Form "J-I" Notice of accident (First accident report)
Form "J-II" Notice of accident (Final accident report)
Form "K" Certificate os stability
Form "L" Notice periods for work adults/ children
Form "L(a)" Notice periods for work for adults
Form "L (b)" Notice for periods for persons working by shifts
Form "M" Regiter of adults worker for the year
Form "O" over time muster Roll
Form "P" register of Holidays with pay
Form "Q" Comensatory Holidays-- Annual Returns
Form "R" Register of holidays with pay
Form "S" Holidays With pay -- annual Returns
Form "T" Holidays Book
Form "U" Register of child workers under section 56 of the Act
Form "V" Annual Returns
Form "W" Half yearly Returns

Payment of Wages

From "I" Register of fines
Form "II" Register of deduction for Damages or loss
Form "III" Register of advance to employed persons
Form "IV" Deductions forms wages
Abstracts of the payment of wages act, 1936 and the rules there-under

Fair Price Shop

Form "A" Nomination
Form "B" Ballot paper
Form "C" nomination of chairman
Form "D" Fair price shop card
Form "E" Puchase Register
Form "F" Stock Register
Form "G" Cash Memo
Form "H" Receipt of goods Purchased on credit

Workmen Compensation

Form "A" Deposit of compensation for Fatal Accidents
Form "AA" Deposit of Compensation for non- Fatal accidents to a woman

Canteen Rules

Form "A" Lime washing color washing, painting or varnishing

Minimum Wages

Form "I" Wage Register
Form "II" Wage slip
Form "III" Muster Roll
Form "III" Muster Roll (Rules 1962)
Form "S" Holidays with pay-- Annual Returns (Punjab Factories Rules 1978)
Form "II" Wage Slip (Rules 1962)
Form "D" Fair price shop card (Rules 1971)
Form "A" Ime washing color washing, painting or varnishing (Rules 1959)